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Research Theses from the Wolfe Laboratory
  Raúl Ortiz-Merino
Genomics of polyploid yeasts: evolutionary insights and biotech potential
Ph.D. (2018)
  Estelle Proux-Wéra
Automated annotation of yeast genomes
Ph.D. (2011)
  PDF Séan Ó hÉigeartaigh
Picking the High Hanging Fruit: Automated Ways to Annotate Awkward Genes
Ph.D. (2011)
  Nora Khaldi
Evolutionary genomics of filamentous fungi
Ph.D. (2008)
  Jonathan Gordon
Genomic evolution of polyploid yeast species
Ph.D. (2007)
  Kevin Byrne
Post-polyploidy evolution in yeasts
Ph.D. (2006)
PDF Devin Scannell
Going Fast and Getting Lost: Gene Duplication in Yeast
Ph.D. (2006)
PDF Brian Cusack
Effect of gene structure changes on the rate of protein sequence evolution
Ph.D. (2006)
  Simon Wong
Comparative genomics in yeasts
Ph.D. (2003)
PDF Avril Coghlan
Evolution of the genomes of two nematodes in the genus Caenorhabditis
Ph.D. (2003)
PDF Karsten Hokamp
A Bioinformatics Approach to (Intra-)Genome Comparisons
Ph.D. (2001)
PDF Aoife McLysaght
Evolution of vertebrate genome organisation
Ph.D. (2001)
PDF Cathal Seoighe
Gene Order Evolution and Genomic Analyses of the Model Eukaryote, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, and Other Yeast Species
Ph.D. (1999)
  Lucy Skrabanek
Testing the hypothesis of genome duplications in vertebrates
Ph.D. (1999)
  Amanda Lohan
Orobanche minor plastid DNA: evidence for a subset of essential tRNA genes in the plastid DNA of nonphotosynthetic plants
Ph.D. (1997)
  Sarah Goulding
A Moveable Feature: The Large Inverted Repeat of the Chloroplast Genome in Nicotiana
M.Sc. (1996)
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