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Wolfe Lab Alumni

Raúl Ortiz-Merino

Gael Jalowicki

Amanda Lohan

Sara Hanson

Alexandre Martos

Seán Ó hÉigeartaigh

Estelle Proux-Wéra

David Armisén

Off again - this time to Africa ... Jonathan Gordon

Off to teach the next generation of scientists ... Áine Rourke

Taking his camera to his own lab in Missouri ... Gavin Conant

The Irish baseball champion heads to Nebraska ... Jeff Mower

Off to study milk and microrganisms in UCD ... Nora Khaldi

From yeast to plants, from Ireland to Belgium ... Jonathan Gordon

Off to the Golden State via Sweden ... Carolin Frank

Au revoir ... Marie Sémon

Returning to the land down under ... Meg Woolfit

Off to sunny California ... Devin Scannell

En francais s'il vous plait ... Brian Cusack

Back to snowy Sweden ... Matthew Webster

Back in Oregon after his break from reality ... John Conery

Off down under to Brisbane ... Simon Wong

Retiring to the farm ... Andrew Lloyd

Back to North America to walk the plains ... Greg Singer

Off on tour to Sweden ... Lukasz Huminiecki

From years working with worms, to working in UCD ... Avril Coghlan

After a busy year in Trinity, its back to UCD ... Ailis Fagan

The Irish weather was so good, he moved to Maynooth... Mario Fares

Missing the Irish rugby and surfing back in France ... Guillaume Blanc

Finished pubcrawler-ing and pubcrawling in Ireland, for now ... Karsten Hokamp

The Swede with the Irish name ... Sean Hooper

Is there a doctor in the house? ... Aoife McLysaght

When the cat's away ...

on grass

... the mice can eat ice-cream on the grass!

Cathal Seoighe, Aoife McLysaght, Lucy Skrabanek, and Karsten Hokamp.

Ken was made a Fellow of TCD

Amanda Lohan, Ken Wolfe and Lucy Skrabanek ... What a fellow!!!


Amanda Lohan, Mike McLean, Denis Shields, and Dan Bradley ... Christmas carolers!

Say 'cheese' ... or is it 'tomato'?!

Anton Enright and Cathal Seoighe posing with the Pomodoro ...

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