Statistics for Paralogons

paralogons dataset # mapped genes search method tandem repeats block search parameters # blocks (sm >= 6)
1exp 2gap reduction 3exp 4e_range 5align 6gap 7hits 8cross
Human1.0 Ensembl v1.00 23664 BLASTP 1e-15 30 11.97% 1e-07 1e20 30% 30 20 yes 96
Human5.28 Ensembl v5.28 23863 SSEARCH 1e-14 30 15.53% 1e-09 1e20 30% 30 20 yes 140

1exp:expectation threshold for protein hits
2gap:maximum gap between two proteins
3exp:expectation cut-off for determining the hit-family of a protein
4e_range:factor that limits the range of expectation value (starting from first non-self hit) that is considered for determining the hit-family of a protein
5align: percentage of longer protein sequence that must be contained in the alignment of a quey/hit pair
6gap: maximum number of genes allowed between two linked genes within a block
7hits: maximum number of hits allowed for a protein
8cross: specifies if crossing over is allowed for links within a block; if set to 'no', this tries to model conservation of gene order

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