Paralogons in the Human Genome

Human 1.0

Web interface to the paralogous blocks reported in McLysaght et al., Nature Genetics (2002). This site shows duplicated regions within the Human Genome. Protein and mapping data were derived from Ensembl, version 1.0.
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WARNING: Due to progress in the assembly and annotation, not all of the gene identifiers from that version can still be found on the Ensembl website. For best compatibility, please use the latest dataset as described below.

Human 5.28

The detection of paralogous blocks as described in McLysaght et al., Nature Genetics (2002) has been repeated using the latest Ensembl dataset (version 5.28). The sequence similarity searches have been carried out with SSEARCH instead of BLASTP. This also required some parameters for the block detection to be slightly adjusted (see statistics).
The website for these paralogons offers the ability to carry out block detection on the fly with self-defined parameters.
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See statistics of paralogous blocks.

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